Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Photo Shoot (March 16)

You'll notice that my shooting schedule has slowed. Part of this is because I am in the process of exhausting my ideas and am challenged to really think about what I'm doing and the types of images I want to create. I'm also trying to avoid any redundancy, which is very hard to do. I have also been really affected by the events in Japan and how closely tied to water those events are. The tsunami grabbed my attention at first but then watching the developments with the Fukushima nuclear plant, I have been fascinated with the role of water there. From being used as a cooling agent in pools and the reactors (and somewhat of a lifeline) to being vented off as steam and becoming a vehicle of radioactivity, I have been captivated. These events have been stirring in my mind while I have been pursuing this subject and this project and, frankly, I've been a bit overwhelmed. I'm hoping that I've caught up with myself and can back on to a regular schedule.

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