Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Source: Drawings by Robert Gould



Ebenezer Drawings- "Black Water" Creating Space  by Robert Gould


I had some time to work on a collection of drawings last week. I started thinking about Ebenezer Creek again. I was looking at some photographs of a set up I did, and trying to figure out how to enhance the story telling elements. I want to create a emotion of the events there, an “atonement”, a non-literal representation. I thought about drawing over the photographs but I still haven’t found a convincing process yet. This time I am looking for a more abstract image. I started playing around with images of water. In particular the wave patterns on the surface. I have arranged the following drawings in the order that they were created.

All these drawings are on paper grocery bags. One group of drawings is in oil sticks and oil paint on top of prepared paper. The second group is Conti crayon, sumi ink, white house paint, & tempera paint. In the first session the work evolved in two stages. First stage I worked with images of water waves viewed as if you were under the water or from the side, looking forward. The first drawing I also placed a rock like form in the center. The sunken Ebenezer. 

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