Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Background

Water is the most abundant compound on earth and can be seen as a liquid, a solid or a gas. Throughout time, humans have had an intense attraction to and relationship with water. Water is an important component of physical existence but it also represents much more than simple sustenance. Water lives in psychological, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of our lives as well. As I have explored my own relationship with water in visual terms, I also have realized how deeply connected my life is to water. When I was young, my family spent summers at the ocean and I used to play in the creek that flowed through our property. My zodiac sign is cancer, a water sign. I remember the physics lab exercises that dealt with wavelengths by creating ripples in water vividly. Water can be incredibly soothing and comforting but it can also be terribly destructive. While all of these factors are important it is the dynamics of water to which I was really becoming attracted. I began to see a direct correlation between the water I was using as a subject and the technology I was using to capture it. With a camera, you can record a duration of time in a single frame or stop the action with a fast shutter speed. As the camera could exaggerate any sense of time and action, water also varied its visual presence based on its flow or stagnation. It is the diversity of this dynamic in which I am most interested.

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  1. And it will also become the number one commodity on this planet in a short period of time based on the direction the planet is heading. Interesting for the most abundant compound on earth……